Tennent Garden Design

Anatomy of a Design

1. Pool and Patio Considerations

  • Proximity of swimming pool and hot tub to house entry
  • Location of shallow and deep pool areas in relation to the patio
  • Deck and patio areas sized and positioned for various activities
  • Sun and shade locations
  • Storage and change areas
  • Location of fence to minimize its visual impact from the house
  • Convenient gate locations
  • Room for lounging and dining furniture
  • Views from the pool, deck and patio areas
  • Balance of paved and planted areas
  • Proximity of pool to septic bed

2. Design Considerations for an Older Home in need of a Makeover.

  • Removal or pruning of obstructive and overgrown plant material
  • Introduction of shade tolerant plantings that will thrive amongst mature trees and shrubs
  • Plants whose mature size will suit the scale of the location they are in
  • Generous paths and steps to doorways
  • Enlarged deck area for dining, barbequing and enjoying the garden
  • Deck area built around a mature tree
  • Adjacent patio and planting beds harmoniously connected with the upper deck
  • Natural rockery retaining walls that will not overwhelm the garden
  • Perimeter plantings to provide privacy, shade, and seasonal colour
  • Attractive and functional access routes along sides of house where space is minimal

3. Design Considerations for a Townhouse Courtyard Garden.

  • Strong path connection between house, driveway and garage linked to back alley access
  • Feeling of spaciousness in a small 26' x 40' area incorporating a large patio, lawn, built in storage/privacy fence/arbor/bench, plus room for trees and plantings.
  • Attractive views from the house to the garden and the garden to the house.
  • Room for children and dogs